Humi Adds ALAViDA Services

ALAViDA’s Confidential Substance Use Treatment Added to Humi Preferred Partnership Network

Humi’s first Canadian marketplace tied to an HR, payroll, insurance and benefits software fills a critical pre-disability substance use treatment gap.

Canada’s leading virtual provider of evidence-based substance use treatment – announces its unique pre-disability benefit is now available to Humi Marketplace clients. Humi is Canada’s foremost HR platform that provides thousands of small to medium-sized businesses with HR, payroll, insurance and benefits solutions. The Humi Marketplace allows clients to access preferred pricing for curated forward-thinking health, legal, financial and wellness offerings from partner companies.

Humi was founded on the notion that “People are the most important part of any business.” says Simon Bourgeois, CEO and co-founder of Humi. “We know that COVID-19 has been overwhelming for people and it will continue to be. I’m excited to have ALAViDA as a partner provider on the Marketplace as an additional resource for employers to help alleviate their employees’ stress and hopefully reduce burnout.”

“We also know there was a spike in substance use during the pandemic and like any other potentially life-threatening disorder, catching it early increases the chances of treatment success. That’s why we’re so pleased many more Canadians will access ALAViDA directly on their smartphones, via the Humi Marketplace,” notes Elliot Stone, CEO and co-founder of ALAViDA.

Over 20 per cent of Canadians meet the criteria for a Substance Use Disorder in their lifetimes. Yet it’s estimated only 1 in 10 seek treatment due to the stigma associated with alcohol or drug use. “There are often long waits for help in the public system,” observes Stone. “Private rehab can be enormously expensive. The moment someone is motivated to seek help, is the moment ALAViDA’s confidential stigma-free service is there for them.”

“Right now it’s about the retention of good workers. There is intense competition for skilled labour across Canada,” asserts Bourgeois. “Research tells us progressive benefits are a key reason employees remain loyal to a company. It’s important for employers to give access to resources like ALAViDA to make a real impact on the employee’s experience.”

For both the employee and the company. Substance use costs Canadian businesses approximately 15.7 billion each year in absences, lost productivity, increased health care costs and disability claims. Alcohol costs employers over six times more than all other substances combined. Effective substance use treatment offers a 565 per cent return on investment.

About ALAViDA:

ALAViDA is Canada’s first virtual care provider focused on the science of substance use management. It is a one-stop-shop approach for all levels of substance use disorder – alcohol and drugs – mild, moderate and severe. ALAViDA connects patients with behavioural coaches, therapists and physicians who work as a team to deliver personalized care right to their smartphones. ALAViDA is an employee benefit with varying plans and personalized therapeutic programs, which has proven to minimize time out of the workplace. Traditional rehab often costs $30,000 or more a month. ALAViDA’s program is a mere fraction of that. More than 79 per cent of those signed on reported increased control and 86 per cent reduced substance use. To learn more visit

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About Humi:

Humi is the leading all-in-one people solution for Canadian businesses. Serving businesses nationwide, Humi supports and enables employers to take better care of their most important asset: their people. Before Humi, there was no truly unified solution that tied together all of the intricacies of employment for Canadian businesses. To learn more visit or click here to read more.