Benecaid Partners with ALAViDA

Benecaid Partners with ALAViDA to Deliver Accessible, Evidence-Based Care

Addressing Substance Use at the Root will Predict Workplace Health Post-Pandemic

ALAViDA – Canada’s first virtual evidence-based substance use treatment provider announced today its partnership with Benecaid to deliver its unique benefit designed to treat employees’ substance use while they remain on the job, through their market-leading digital platform Honeybee.

For two decades, Benecaid has been an innovator in group benefits for small and medium-sized businesses. “ALAViDA’s approach extends our commitment to innovate” says Darren Sacks, Senior Vice President, Sales, Client and Carrier Relations, Benecaid. “It allows employees to seek confidential help early, while still at work, breaking the mold of difficult-to-access, stigmatized treatments of the past. That means fewer sick days and increases in productivity”. The payoff for employers: a happier, healthier workplace.

ALAViDA is the only digital platform in Canada that takes a medical approach to substance use. “Substance use is a medical problem, not a moral one”, says CEO, Elliot Stone. “We rely on evidence-based science to deliver a one-stop-shop approach. Doctors, behavioral coaches, therapists and tracking tools delivered directly to employees’ smartphones. We make it simple to get help”.

Substance use costs Canadian employers 15.7 billion dollars annually and that’s before the pandemic. Since then, alcohol sales have increased 54 per cent. Workers – especially women – report increased alcohol consumption to manage the stress of juggling work-from-home while homeschooling, increased demands of caregiving and job loss. Employers and benefits planners can get in front of a potential tsunami of substance-use related claims by making help easily accessible before use gets out of hand.

“Alcohol is a causal factor in over 60 other health conditions, including serious illnesses like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.” says Dr. Diane Rothon, Medical Director, ALAViDA. “Social and workplace stigma, waitlists and high costs are some of the significant barriers to treatment that prevent many people from seeking help before their substance use becomes unmanageable – if they seek help at all. Earlier intervention while remaining on the job allows individuals to reach their goals – be that reducing substance use or quitting altogether” adds Dr. Rothon.

79% of ALAViDA members report increased control and reduced consumption of alcohol and other substances in as little as six months. “We know that cost-effective, sustainable solutions create loyalty. ALAViDA’s modern care will help employers show how much their employees are valued – and healthier employees translate to a healthier business” concludes Sacks.


ALAViDA is a one-stop-shop approach for any level of substance use disorder – alcohol and drugs – mild, moderate and severe. ALAViDA connects patients with behavioral coaches, therapists and physicians who work as a team to deliver personalized care right to their smartphones. ALAViDA is an employee benefit with varying plans and personalized therapeutic programs, which has proven to minimize time out of the workplace. Traditional rehab often costs $30,000 or more a month. ALAViDA’s program is a mere fraction of that. More than 79 per cent of those signed on reported increased control and 86 per cent reduced substance use. To learn more, visit:

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Benecaid has been a leading provider of innovative group benefits solutions for Canadian small and medium-sized businesses for over 20 years. Benecaid’s unique solutions include competitive health, dental and ancillary group benefits, using both fully insured and self-insurance options to bring a range of flexible solutions to the market through its network of independent licensed insurance advisors. The Honeybee digital benefits platform empowers both insurance advisors and insurance companies by enabling a modern benefits experience for their clients and plan members, with access to the widest selection of progressive, personalized benefits products and services, optimized to meet a company’s unique goals. As a third-party administrator for some of the most trusted and recognizable Canadian insurance companies, Benecaid combines deep product knowledge, benefits administration expertise and the latest technologies to provide employers with affordable and sustainable benefits solutions, and their employees with a superior customer experience. In November 2020, Benecaid joined the Green Shield Canada (GSC) group of companies.

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