ALAViDA Partners with TIPI

ALAViDA Announces Deal with TIPI Insurance Partners

TIPI Care Plan will include access to ALAViDA’s digital substance use management platform

ALAViDA, Canada’s first digital substance use management platform announced today a deal with TIPI Insurance Partners to include ALAVIDA’s platform as a covered feature as part of their TIPI Care Plan employee benefits program.

TIPI Insurance Partners is Canada’s largest Indigenous owned full-line insurance brokerage offering group pension, benefits, property and casualty, and speciality insurance products for Indigenous owned and operated businesses, organizations, and projects.

“The virtualization of healthcare is a critical opportunity to remedy accessibility challenges in remote and very remote communities” said Nathan Ballantyne, CEO of TIPI Insurance Partners.

“In the context of mental health and substance abuse, access to treatment has been limited and has involved removing people from their communities and their existing support structures in a way that exacerbates rather than mitigates existing problems. We are pleased to be a leader in adopting a new approach that will enable people to access evidence-based care from within their own communities.”

Mr. Ballantyne

ALAViDA’s platform delivers personalized programming to support early intervention and substance use management strategies that include coaching and journaling, internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy to strengthen decision making and medication-mediated therapy as appropriate.

“Support for substance use has been slow to transition to a virtual environment, and yet we know that internet-based CBT is highly effective in treating a range of substance use disorders” said Dr. Diane Rothon, Co-Founder and Medical Director of ALAViDA.

“Significant barriers to treatment, including social and workplace stigma, waitlists, high costs for in-patient treatment, and geographic variability can severely limit access and cause many people to wait before seeking help, if they seek help at all. ALAViDA enables earlier intervention to support individuals by enabling private and confidential access to treatment in a stigma free virtual environment.”

Dr. Diane Rothon

82% of ALAViDA members report increased control and reduced consumption of alcohol and other substances in as little as six months.

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ALAViDA is Canada’s first virtual care provider focused on the science of substance use management. TRAiL, our digital platform, connects members with behavioural coaches, therapists and physicians who work as a team to deliver personalized care right from your smartphone. With specialized packages for individuals, families and business we support early intervention and help members set their own goals and achieve them – stigma-free, confidential and with 24/7 support. More than 82% of members report greater control and reduced substance use in as little as six months.

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About TIPI Insurance Partners

Founded in 1999, TIPI Insurance Partners (“TIPI”) is Canada’s largest Indigenous owned full-line insurance brokerage offering group pension, benefits, property and casualty, and speciality insurance products. TIPI’s goal is to deliver cost-efficient risk management solutions for First Nations, Métis and Indigenous owned and operated organizations, businesses and projects, while striving to keep economic benefits within the communities they serve. TIPI is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba with offices in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

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