Lessons from Self-Isolation - Part 1

How to navigate through the ups and downs

Although self-isolation and its consequences have been challenging all of us day-by-day for the past months in one way or another, we can’t deny they had a role in making us more resilient. When we look back at how we first felt when the pandemic was declared and consider how we are still standing and tackling one obstacle after the other, we can be proud of ourselves. Perhaps you haven’t looked at what happened through this angle  yet, so here’s what we think you too should recognize and celebrate:

It’s okay to be scared

With the increase of information coming from the news, social media, friends, and family, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by everything being thrown your way. More than ever, one of the biggest challenges is facing uncertainty. There are a lot of unknowns with timelines and when things will return back to “normal,” all of which add to stress and negative feelings. Feeling this way is A-OK because everyone is going through some type of change, regardless of what it looks like. These moments are a great opportunity to disconnect and do things that comfort you instead

We all had a different experience of quarantine

There are people who lost their jobs, some who had to move back home, and others living on their own. The quarantine experience looks extremely different for everyone and each person has a set of challenges they are facing. While we can’t control how fast a vaccination is made or how someone else decides to behave, we can control our own actions, thoughts and feelings. Sure, some people may be watching Netflix all day or others may be using this time to learn a new skill, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. As long as you are using your time in a way that is meaningful to you, then that’s all that matters. You control how you choose to spend your time and are the one who knows what you need.

More alone time and space to yourself

Human beings are social creatures and we thrive by learning and connecting with others. Meanwhile, keeping yourself company takes a lot of practice and discovery. Loneliness can happen during dramatic changes, or when being away from friends and family, but these circumstances can also be a time to learn how to be alone. Whether you live alone or with a house full of people, disconnecting from social media or having time to yourself can be helpful in creating a positive and safe space.

Some things you can do to disconnect:

  • Going for a walk without your phone – you’d be amazed at how refreshing it is to actually look at nature instead of being glued to your phone when you’re outside!
  • Create a closed-door policy for private time
  • Have a night to pamper or to indulge in your favourite treats
  • Lying in bed and listening to the ocean sounds – you can ask Google to do this or find playlists on YouTube or Spotify.

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