Lessons from Self-Isolation - Part 3

How to find balance in a new routine

There’s no doubt about it – our routines have changed. Sometimes it takes a change of scenery and some restrictions for us to look at life a little differently. The biggest change for a lot of us was that our days were no longer dictated by getting to and from work but by ourselves and those we lived with. No matter how your situation or routine changed, here are a few lessons we learned from spending more time at home.We can spend time doing what we really like.

If you found yourself with more freedom or just eliminated commuting from your day, you may have found more time for things you enjoy. Whether it is trying new recipes, going for walks, or spending an extra 10 minutes with your kids in the morning, staying home showed many of us what we want to spend more time onThe truth is, we need very little.

With restrictions came fewer meals out, closed gyms and yoga studios and less access to other amenities. Nights out were replaced with dinner at home, and our gyms became our living room floors and sidewalks. We lost the things we may have thought were necessary to be healthy or enjoy special moments with others, but in fact, we need less than we thinkIt’s okay not to be doing things, all the time.

When we think about spending extra time at home, we may have had expectations for ourselves to use this time wisely. Ambitions filled our heads; learning a new skill, starting a side business, finally getting that beach body, or cleaning the entire house. The reality is, we do not need to fill up our schedules, and taking the time to rest and process what is going on is just as important as ‘getting things done’

Lastly, quarantine is not a vacation.

Just because people are at home, whether or not they still have a job, they are likely dealing with their own set of challenges. While staying at home brings up a lot of possibilities and opportunities for fun activities or self-care, don’t let peer pressure and social media make you feel like you’re not doing enough.

All in all, quarantine was a good time to practice both self-compassion and compassion for others. We hope you were able to be gentle with yourself and others, and that you continue practicing compassion even after you get back to a more ‘normal’, active life.

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