Expert Elliot Stone at Collision 2019

Collision 2019

ALAViDA, the first digital therapeutics company treating heavy drinking with harm reduction, was featured as one of the best Medtech start-ups at Collision 2019, “North America’s fastest-growing tech conference”, according to Inc.

“Toronto is one of our most important cities in Canada,” says ALAViDA co-founder and CEO, Elliot Stone. “Being alongside some of the world’s most disruptive emerging technology companies, we were able to connect and showcase how we offer help faster and remove barriers to starting treatment for those struggling with heavy drinking.” The ability to go through treatment without leaving family or work, and the successful combination of medication with behavioural therapy to gradually reduce a person’s alcohol consumption is what has attracted so many, and positioned ALAViDA as one of the high-growth companies at the event.

From May 20th to the 23rd, ALAViDA attended the event in Toronto as both exhibitor and speaker. Collision 2019 attracted 25,711 attendees, from 125 different countries. Elliot shared why turning the rehab model upside down is more effective for patients and cheaper for payers. “In addition to expanding geographically, we have also started to work directly with insurance providers and employers. Heavy drinking is a substantial issue for employers, and they struggle to help their employees while keeping the company healthy” adds Stone. “With ALAViDA, it’s possible to gradually reduce alcohol consumption, be the goal abstinence or controlled drinking, without putting work or family life on hold. This lowers the barriers to seeking treatment and gets people help before they reach crisis.”

With over 87% of clients reporting they feel more in control of their drinking, Stone touts “I see this type of access growing and spreading throughout Canada and the United States. I think it’s the future of front-line addiction treatment.

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ALAViDA is the first digital therapeutics company treating heavy drinking with harm reduction. At ALAViDA, we combine medication and therapy with easy-to-use technology to tailor treatment and allow clients to privately access their care team from anywhere. Clients set their own goals, and see life-changing results: more than 87% reported feeling more in control of their drinking and more than 82% significantly improved their ability to stop drinking once they start. We currently have offices in Canada and the USA. 

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