Alavida Launches in Toronto

Alavida Brings Innovative Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment Approach to Toronto

Modern program uses medical science, therapeutic techniques, and technology to achieve a 78% success rate.

October 16th, Toronto, Canada – The scientific way to treat Alcohol Use Disorder is now available in Toronto and surrounding areas (GTA). The forward-thinking program does not require abstinence, instead it focuses on clients reaching personal goals and lower-risk alcohol use. Alavida first launched in Vancouver last year and is now available in Toronto as part of the program’s cross-Canada expansion plan.

“For many people an all-or-nothing approach to alcohol isn’t the goal,” said Dr. Diane Rothon, Founder and Medical Director of Alavida. “We are redefining recovery and the outcomes people can expect. Our program is highly individualized. Each client works with their physician and therapist to define their goals for the program. While abstinence works for some, it ignores a large number of people and their lifestyles.”

Clients who enroll in the four to six-month program are guided through a treatment combining medication to reduce the brain’s desire for alcohol and cognitive behavioural therapy to reframe learned social associations with alcohol.

Alavida’s simple, secure online platform and self-monitoring applications drive awareness and empower clients to change their drinking habits and reduce alcohol consumption without disrupting their lives or invading their privacy. Alavida leverages advanced technologies including electronic medical records, video conferencing, and a treatment platform developed in-house to give clients a confidential, engaging and innovative experience that fits with their work and social life.

“Our ability to reach people through the power of technology means we can bring the success of the Alavida program to more people across Canada,” said Elliot Stone, Founder and CEO of Alavida. “In the last year, our clients in B.C. universally ranked their experience with Alavida as positive with 92% stating they’d recommend Alavida to someone in need of help with alcohol use disorder. We are excited to bring those same results to clients in the GTA.”

Alavida offers clients:

A 78% success rate — The Alavida model has been shown to yield a 78% rate of success based on a clinical study and 20 years of ongoing practice conducted in Finland. 78% of clients were able to reduce their drinking by 50% or more or achieve lower-risk drinking levels according to the WHO standards.

A highly personalized experience — Alavida’s physicians and therapists are trained addiction specialists who help clients set personal goals and redefine the role of alcohol in their lives without forcing abstinence, which to many may seem unattainable and to others is undesirable altogether.

Anywhere, any device — Alavida’s Diary app, electronic medical records (EMR), and virtual meetings platform provide a secure, accessible approach to treatment with Alavida’s team of specialized physicians, therapists, and support staff.

Self-help tools — Alavida’s Diary app helps clients participate in their own recovery process, using the diary to analyze their consumption patterns and track progress easily.

Discretion and privacy — With Alavida, clients can choose to never walk into a clinic, attend a public meeting, or go to the pharmacy. All required program sessions are one-on-one with the client’s physician or therapist and medical prescriptions can be filled in pharmacy or online with delivery to the client’s door.

Expert leadership in addiction medicine and therapy, and comprehensive staff training, ensure a consistent client experience based on rigorous standards of practice and medical code of ethics. Clients in Toronto interested in learning more about Alavida can sign up here.

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About Alavida

Alavida is redefining recovery for Alcohol Use Disorder. Alavida’s specialized physicians and therapists work one-on-one with clients to help them achieve their desired relationship with alcohol. Its modern approach to treatment uses the latest web and mobile-enabled technologies to create an accessible, highly secure, goal-oriented environment for recovery. Treatment can be accessed from remote areas through Alavida’s simple, secure online platform and self-monitoring applications, which give its physicians and therapists real-time feedback on each client’s progress. The Alavida program has a 78 percent success rate and is based on the scientific evidence of 20 years of clinical practice in Finland. Alavida, visit:

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ALAViDA, part of the LifeSpeak Inc. (TSX: LSPK) family of companies, is a leading virtual care provider focused on the science of substance use management. It offers a one-stop-shop approach for any level of substance use disorder – alcohol and drugs – mild, moderate and severe. ALAViDA connects patients with behavioural coaches, therapists and physicians who work as a team to deliver personalized care right to their smartphones. ALAViDA is an employee benefit with varying plans and personalized therapeutic programs, which has proven to minimize time out of the workplace. Traditional rehab often costs $30,000 or more a month. ALAViDA’s program is a mere fraction of that. More than 79 per cent of those signed on reported increased control and 86 per cent reduced substance use. To learn more visit For information on corporate programs or to establish a referral relationship contact [email protected]


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