Unique Activities for Isolation

The coronavirus has everyone staying at home and feeling that itch to go out and socialize. If you are starting to feel bored or anxious during isolation, it’s very important to fill up your day with people and activities so your mind doesn’t wander to drinking and using.

With countries enforcing lockdowns and social distancing, the current circumstances may have led to an increase in personal stress, loneliness, a need for support, or a loss in a routine that you may have relied on for stability. While physically spending time with your friends and loved ones may not be a good idea right now, it doesn’t mean you have to distance yourself socially or emotionally.

However, thanks to the internet, it’s definitely still possible to have fun, spend time with others and get the support you need. What is there to do at home you ask? Well, a lot more than scrolling social media, that is for sure. If you are currently within a treatment program, make sure you keep doing your recovery activities (tracking, modules and counsellor sessions), but when those are done, here’s some other ideas to fill your day:

Activities to tackle boredom

Creating community in self-isolation

  • Schedule time to check in with family and friends
  • Watch movies with your friends, with Netflix party
  • Organize group board games
  • Create a virtual book club 
  • Celebrate with a virtual party!

Just because you are being responsible and staying in doesn’t mean that you can’t find new ways to connect, have fun and destress inside! If you do find yourself reaching for a drink, you can try what one of our clients did. In order to stay on track with her progress in gradually reducing her drinking, she scheduled a virtual “cocktail hour” where she enjoys one drink with friends twice a week after work hours. This way, she creates control around when she drinks, how much she drinks, and gets to be social with friends as well!

Have you found an activity that you enjoy during isolation that is not on the list? Share in the comments below! 

We hope you are safe and healthy during these uncertain times and let’s continue to be kind to one another.

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