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How to be Happy

In this live class, learn about the factors that science demonstrates contribute to a fulfilling life, and uncover surprising insights about what truly brings joy.

What Really Helps Someone Change Their Substance Use

In this live class, discover what drives some people to overuse substances, and explore how someone struggling with problematic substance use can leverage this “why” to change their relationship with alcohol and drugs.

How to Support Someone Struggling with Alcohol or Drugs

In this on-demand class, join A. Paul Singh, advisor and virtual health coach at ALAViDA Substance Use, to learn the most effective evidence-based strategies for helping a loved one struggling with drug or alcohol use.

Using Mindfulness to Live with Intention

Mindfulness can promote better sleep, mood, and feelings of wellbeing. It’s a supportive tool that can enhance your productivity, improve communication, increase connection, and promote intentional living. Plus, it’s simple! New studies emphasize the benefits of mindfulness and the positive effects it has on physical and mental health. In this webinar, we dig into these benefits with an introduction to mindfulness, review practical tools for everyday mindfulness, and walk through some ideas on how to approach mindfulness when you want to target a behaviour you have around consumption – whether it’s with food, alcohol, social media, or otherwise

Substance Use May Widen the Gender Gap in the Workplace

Alcohol is a causal factor in over 60 health conditions, including heart disease and cancer and costs employers over 15 billion a year. Addressing substance use guarantees healthier, more productive employees a stronger bottom line and most importantly, retention of a vanishing resource: female employees.

Substance Use Isn't Easy to Spot: How to Take the First Step So Employees Get the Help They Need

Businesses have made significant gains supporting employees as they face mental health challenges. Yet substance use remains steeped in stigma, and it’s estimated only 1 in 10 seek help. So how do you know that you need a substance use benefit if you can’t see it?

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