ALAViDA is Featured in Canadian Mining Magazine

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In Shifting the Perception and Treatment of Substance Use, Part 2, journalist, Maureen Palmer, shares what it would look like to introduce an innovative approach to substance use in the workplace. Palmer offers steps that companies can take to improve mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. “Good treatment meets people where they are at,” says Terri-Lynn MacKay, clinical director of ALAViDA, a LifeSpeak Company and Canada’s first virtual care provider whose evidence-based one-stop-shop. “Good treatment delivers a bio-psycho-social perspective,” she continues. “We’re looking at the whole person—the bio: their genetics, their physiology. Psychological: their adverse childhood experiences, trauma, mood regulation. And we can’t ignore the sociological aspect: the ubiquity of alcohol consumption, how it’s woven into every celebration, and the insidious social media influencing about alcohol.” Learn more about the trends in substance use and the transition from an abstinence-only tradition to options for harm reduction.

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